Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 in Half

Why the new look you may ask? Well, quite humbly because half of 2015 is over and this is my first blog post here since the New Year countdown at Le Meridien. A new year heralds new beginnings, and so I found myself clicking on the bright orange template. Cheery, don't you think?

So, before I offer my customary apologies for not having even looked at my blog even once, here's the point I cant get over! 6 months of this year are officially over.. and there are just another 6 more before we're celebrating ANOTHER New Year.

I promised myself that this year would be an important one for me in some way. I didnt want 2015 to go down as just one of those years that came by and went. 2015 had to be different and remembered for being so. I came across a really nice question, that made me think. ' What would you do if you weren't afraid?' For me, getting my driving license was the first thing I would do if I wasn't afraid of killing at least 5 Kochiites before officially getting one! So, here's a summary of the two best things I did in the past 6 months:

Got my driving license- For those of you who wonder why I waited so long to get a second license, it's simply because driving around in Cochin requires an equal dose of madness and patience. And for those who know me, I'm not one of those patient sorts. But not having the license to kill, I mean drive  was needlessly making me develop a complex. Here's what I discovered- I have become an over cautious driver who just wants to get back home in one piece and hug her son. I am the sort of nice person who will allow 20 other cars to pass before putting the car in first gear. And yes, I am my own son's nightmare on the road (but that's only because mom's fat swift makes funny noises whenever I'm in the driver's seat). I am told I need more practice, but hell, BOTH parents refuse to lend me their cars for even that! So, I am probably forever destined to be a driver on paper only. But hey, to be fair to myself, it took lot of time to even talk myself into signing up for driving classes in the first place.

Went off for a day-cation minus son- Mothers are born with a huge guilt-o-meter. Have an ice-cream and the damn thing starts ticking. Enjoy an extended spa session and the brain quietly nudges and forces you to think about other duties awaiting you at home. And that's why I thought going off for a day on my own to Mumbai was the last thing I should put into effect. Mumbai..... that dreamy city with a story on every street beckoned..... And so I went on an all expenses paid trip by flight, stayed at the awesome Sun n Sand in Juhu and shopped till I dropped. I also remember having this weird smile on my face as I went around the city....It's the first time I re-visited after saying goodbye in 2007. Nice cuppa at Starbucks, kurta shopping at Westside, a Gujurati thali dinner and Piku at Cinemax last show. With no kid telling me he's bored, money in my wallet and all the time in the world. I had to leave the next day in the evening but my love affair with that city continues. And here's the biggest surprise- kiddo was fine without me and didnt as much as whimper either. Either he's more independent than I give him credit for or I'm doing a great job raising him!

Talking about books. I now have 'War and Peace' sitting next to me and yes, I am yet to read this classic. It is apparently one of the most difficult books to finish thanks to the number of even more confusing characters in the book. But those who have read the book say that it's a masterpiece. Gimme 2 months and I'll let you know how it went...

Here's another big thing I will do- Visit my beloved blog every two weeks and write a post. It's a promise I intend to keep. Next one, I'll talk about my 7 year old who's turning out to be much wiser than me.....sigh!!!

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